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I’m a true collaborator and I’ll put a firecracker under any project you can conjure. I am first and foremost a dreamer and innovator as well as a director, writer, speaker, performer and laugh-inducer. Whether corporate, educational or theatrical I’ll bring a sense of playfulness and energized joy into the room.


And I’ll bring donuts.


Whether I’m teaching my signature Human Animation technique or lecturing on The Humanity In Humor or performing one of my punk-rock physical comedy shows or building a “clown opera,” I’m always a cheerful spinning top who loves to ignite the amplified spirit we all have within us.






Human Cartoon: physical comedy, gags & characters

Narrative Clowning: the art of silent storytelling

Precision Idiocy: micro-crafting Physical Comedy

Character Morphing: the art of jumping characters seamlessly

Clown Opera: crafting long-form narrative clowning


The Humanity in Humor: exploring pathos in comedy

The State of the Clown: the ever-evolving definition of this art form

Clown in the Time of Covid: what's not funny these days

Morons With Power: a mockery of politicians

All of these classes, workshops and lectures are available for most any situation from corporate team-building to private events and parties and as a spirited addition to your school’s curriculum. They can be designed for nearly any age group, including small kids and seniors alike! I once presented “Morons With Power” to a group of 7-year-olds and I don’t think I have laughed as hard since. Just sayin!

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The Supers

A human animation opera, this critically lauded production spelled a new frontier in physical theatre, a combination of physical comedy & tragedy, pantomime, imaginary languages, magical realism and a lush cinematic score. A cast of 7 told the story of immigrant refugees fleeing a troubled land only to come up against THE MAN in all his authoritarian guises, from military commander, customs official, and building superintendent all the way to the forces of nature and weather itself. They persevere, only to finally discover an astonishing secret about themselves!

World Premiere produced by Circus Center: February 2020 Z Space San Francisco, CA

Link to Full Production here:


A new telling of the Alice adventure with our heroine as a scrappy senior, returning to the newly refurbished “Wunderworld” which is now inhabited by senior versions of all our beloved characters in a kind of psychedelic amusement park. A mad romp about the discovery of everything old being new again. A cast of 5 play all of the most iconic characters: the Rabbit, Hatter, Caterpillar and Cat with one hapless Alice flailing happily among them. Rave reviews for two mainstage productions.

World Premiere produced by Thrillride Mechanics & Debra Mosk: August 2013 Creativity Theatre, San Francisco, CA

Produced by Center Repertory Theatre in their season: October 2014
Center Rep, Walnut Creek, CA

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